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Setting the right price is the most important step a prospective home seller makes. Set too high and the home can languish on the market, undergoing multiple price drops until it sells for below market value. Set too low and you can miss out on some big money.

  • Study Comparable Homes

  • Visit Open Houses

  • Know What Makes Your Home Stand Out

  • Calculate Your Desired Net Proceeds

  • Set Your Price

Clean and Make Simple Improvements

Are you ready to entertain open house guests? Is your house ready to be hit with the buyer's fine-toothed comb? Follow these steps to ensure you are optimally show-ready.

  • Mow and Water

  • Tidy the Yard

  • Weed the Gardens

  • Replace Worn Outdoor Furniture

  • Wash Windows

  • Replace the Welcome Mat

  • Remove Excess Furniture

  • Remove Collectibles

  • Remove Excess Artwork and Photos

  • Clean Out Closets and Cabinets

  • Empty the Garage

  • Clean Appliances

  • Clean the Bathrooms

  • Shampoo Carpets

  • Mop Floors

  • Clean Litter Boxes

  • Consider Staging Your Home

  • Fix Leaking Fixtures

  • Replace Burnt Out Bulbs

  • Clean Gutters

  • Clean the Chimney

  • Replace Worn or Missing Shingles

  • Wash and Paint Where Needed

  • Clean Grease and Spills from Driveway

  • Replace Broken Switches

Marketing and Merchandising

Now that your price is right, buyers need to be able to find your home. The internet has made it much easier for sellers to get their property noticed, but there's a lot more you still need to do.

  • List in Your Local MLS

  • Create a Flyer

  • Take Photos

  • Create a Story

  • Post a Yard Sign

  • Plan an Open House

  • Agent Incentives

  • Consider a Warranty

  • What Goes With Your Home

  • Prepare Disclosures

Showing Your Home / Open House

OK, the buyers are coming. Here's how to make them feel at home.

  • Advertise Open Houses

  • Set Up Signs

  • Clean

  • Create a Playlist

  • Bake Cookies

  • Put Away Valuables

  • Have Offer Forms Ready

  • Greet Buyers as They Enter

  • Leave Buyers Alone While They Tour

  • Ask if Buyers Have Questions as They Leave

  • Ask Buyers if They are Pre-Qualified

  • Smile

  • Follow Up With Visitors