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MyFSBO was founded by a dedicated team of Anchorage-based real estate professionals with a solid understanding of the Alaska market. MyFSBO’s mission is to provide homeowners who want to sell their home independently but do not want to sacrifice the support they may need from experienced professionals.

The MyFSBO team is comprised of some of Anchorage’s top agents with decades of combined experience. MyFSBO is a subsidiary of Concierge Listing Service, LLC.

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Regulatory Disclosures

The state of Alaska requires real estate licensees present to you the ALASKA REAL ESTATE CONSUMER DISCLOSURE. MYFSBO and all licensee must disclose to you their legal and potentially contractual relationships with the parties at the first introduction. Any time you meet with a licensee you must present this to them.

This disclosure is from the company to you, the seller and prospective buyers and other interested parties must also sign it.

The form discloses that Concierge Listing Service provides "Specific Assistance without Representation", a term that is defined on the form. However, a basic google search will render a different definition. "representation means agent". We will be your professional contact, not your agent as used to define the word representative. The state of Alaska does not recognize or give credit to the term AGENT.

From time to time a seller may offer buyer's Licensee or representative a commission, broker curtesy, transfer or transaction fee to the company bringing a buyer. If you choose this route you must sign in advance "neutral licensee" form so that MYFSBO can the act as between for both parties where needed. Additionally, you must ensure any amount paid to a party is run through the employing brokerage of that person.

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MyFSBO has revolutionized the real estate industry to empower you to be completely involved in the process.

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