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$ Pay at Close

The MyFSBO Pay at Close program gives sellers the opportunity to pay our service fee (minus your $500 deposit) out of the final proceeds of the sale of your home. This option allows you the flexibility to manage your home-sale expenses during the FSBO process.

Pay at Close
Program Conditions Apply

Promissory Note

The note is due in six months or at your closing, whichever comes first. Normally, our clients sell and close within approximately four months; however, as a courtesy, MyFSBO has extended the promissory note to six months.


The program bears simple interest at 19.5% per year, or .0003% per day. After six months, it bears default interest at the highest rate allowed by law. To avoid paying default interest, payoff of the note within six months is recommended regardless of whether your home has closed or not.

Non Contingent

While the promissory note can be paid out of proceeds from closing proceeds, unlike an agent commission, this program is not contingent of closing.

Suspension of Marketing Program

The six-month period of the note is not extended if you suspend your marketing program.

Money Back Guarantee

The Money Back Guarantee remains applicable but will only cover the fee. However, the six-month period of the promissory note is not extended. Nor any interest accrued on the note.


The holder of this note reserves the right to sell the note upon their discretion.

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